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WOMEN, SEX, AND ADDITION:  A SEARCH FOR LOVE AND POWER by Charlotte Kasl.  For most women, sexually addictive and sexually codependent behavior are intertwined. Sexually codependent behavior reflects basic female conditioning in our society—we are taught that a woman's power is in her sexuality, yet her sexuality is often controlled by men. Thus, sex can easily become a basic form of barter: it is the price many women pay for love and the illusion of security. The addicted woman, seeking a sense of personal power and an escape from pain, may use sex and romance as a high or as a way to feel in control, just as an alcoholic uses alcohol. Either way, however, sex never'satisfies her longing for love and self-worth.            

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Female sex addicts have an extra burden dealing

with the shame and guilt as well as the physical

dangers of acting out.

Statistics show about 25% of all sex addicts are women

and their expression of addiction can be much different

than that of men.  For this reason, Huntington SAA trusted servants dream of a time when they can offer a Women's Only group but until then, women should know they are not only welcome at all Huntington SAA meetings but also safe.  Inappropriate language, touching of any kind and other actions will not be tolerated by any group member.  Attendees must never consider an SAA meeting as an acceptable place to meet partners for dating or sex.

If you are female and think you might be a sex addict, we recommend you call the number on the TOP of this page and talk with an addict with years of recovery.  Ask questions, share experiences or find out more about local meetings.


Recommended Reading:  No Stones: Women Redeemed from Sex Addiction

by Marnie Ferree. This is a MUST read for all the ladies.                      

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Phone Meetings:  There are a host of phone meetings for addicts, both

mixed and for ladies only.  To select the meeting best for you, check out

the list on the SAA website by clicking here.

SAA Official Pamphlet for Women:

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