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Sex Addicts Anonymous Groups

Are you at your wits end?  Here is don't have to face it alone!

There is life after addiction.  Don't let your spouse's addiction write off your happiness.

Age, social status, occupation or religious position have nothing to do with addiction.  Addicts come in all colors, backgrounds, educational and economic levels.  No matter who you are or what your position in life, you and your spouse are not exempt from addiction.  Addiction is a non-respecter of persons.

For every male sex addict, there is at least one woman who suffers too.  They, too often, suffer in silence, feeling guilty about being responsible for their loved one's addiction.  "If only you hadn't done this or that...or had only done more...."  The truth is, the actions of the spouse or other family members rarely have anything to do with a loved one's addiction.  So, if this is true, what are you to do?  How do you help?  What should you do or not do?  Where do you go for support and answers to these questions and many more?

There is help and it begins by attending a 12-Step of your own.  Even if the addict won't attend their meeting, you can still get help by attending this S-Anon meeting that is designed specifically for you.

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Don't let HIS addiction destroy your life or your relationship.  

S-Anon...Help for the Suffering Spouse

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