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About SAA

SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous is a world-wide organization created for the sole purpose of helping sex addicts find recovery through the 12-Steps as presented by AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).  We are a group led 12-Step Program and NOT group counseling.  We have no religious ties to any group or denomination except to rent meeting space.  

Find a new freedom through the Love, Hope and Strength of other Sex Addicts as they continue to grow and mature in their recovery.

Come, let us heal together! 

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The first  Huntington SAA group started with two men in 2005.  Since then, the group has expanded to two locations and two days of the week.  Since then, it has been a Home Group for hundreds of men.  Groups are small, usually 8-12 people and are open to both men and women although they have been mostly men.  Ironicly, about 25% of sex addicts are women and for this reason, the plan is to begin an all-women group as soon as possible, but women will always be welcome in the current meetings.

Meetings last for one hour, starting and ending on time.  The only requirement for attendance is the desire to get better.  We have no interest in sexual orientation, religious attributes, occupation, economic status or social position.  What binds us is solely our desire to address our sexual addiction, no matter how it might present itself.


Within the first few meetings you attend, we will appoint a temporary sponsor for you.  You can later change sponsors or have more than one.  In the SAA fellowship, sponsors are other addicts who are willing to share how they worked the Twelve Step program and how they found recovery. Sponsors are not experts but fellow travelers in recovery, who carry the message as part of their own program of recovery. Sponsors share their experience, strength and hope in order to help others find the same freedom from addictive sexual behavior that they have found.

You don't have to remain bound in the chains of sex addiction.  It's your call.  How much pain must you experience before seeking help?